Has Your Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain Seen Better Days?

Bring your ribbed PVC strip curtain back from the dead with Cold Saver's replacement PVC warehouse curtain strips.

Our PVC rolls for ribbed curtains are a high-quality and durable plastic that provides the highest (A1) thermal insulation performance. The double-ribbed PVC strip curtain ensures stable temperature control within your cold room, freezer or business.

Plus, our warehouse curtain strips are available in 150mm and 200mm widths as bulk 50m PVC rolls, and we supply ribbed PVC strip curtain material for general use, cold room applications, and freezer curtain rolls.

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Industrial Warehouse Curtain Strips by the Roll

Whether your operation needs to keep perishable products fresh, store items for a long shelf-life, or protect technology from temperature changes, there's a roll of ribbed PVC strip curtain material to have on hand to match your repair tasks.

Ribbed curtains are typically used in busy workspaces because double-ribbed PVC strip curtain material is rugged, and any marks or scratches are less visible, so your commercial plastic door flaps look clean and tidy. Plus, the visually transparent PVC strip curtains will be safer for your workers to see through, especially when operating forklifts or other machines.

When used for cold room or freezer curtain rolls, the longitudinal rib design on both surfaces of your warehouse curtain strips increases the ribbed curtain's thickness. As a result, the ribs heighten the integrity and reduce the impact of wear and horizontal tears on your ribbed PVC strip curtain. Also, the ribs enhance how well your warehouse curtain strips seal by improving the interlocking of the commercial plastic door flaps as they overlap.

Double-ribbed PVC strip curtain doors are ideal for wet and humid locations as well as low-temp and subzero facilities. Ribbed curtains prevent the build-up of moisture and condensation that otherwise would cause smooth warehouse curtain strips to stick to each other, hindering traffic flow.

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