About Cold Saver

At Cold Saver, we understand the importance of temperature control in your facility. That's why we offer a wide range of durable, flexible cold storage PVC curtain kits and pre assembled strip doors Brisbane to help keep your space cool and save on bills.

As a cold storage doors manufacturer, the Cold Saver team are specialists in producing cold storage plastic curtains for all types of industrial freezers and cold room facilities.

Serving Queensland customers via our dedicated support, your strip doors Brisbane products will deliver durability in tough operating conditions to suit your commercial needs effectively.

Plus, we deliver all our cold storage curtain doors and Cold Saver strip door curtain kits Australia-wide with free shipping.


    All Cold Saver cold storage plastic curtains and strip doors Brisbane exclusively use PVC strip material which is EU-graded for food safety and REACH-certified for chemical safety.


    Cold Saver high-quality cold storage curtains are designed and constructed using our easy-mount, hook-on head rail system (made from premium stainless steel) for fast secure installation.


    Cold Saver manufactures all our cold storage PVC curtains to industry specifications in our Australian factory. The materials used for cold storage curtains are of the highest quality.

Why Choose a Cold Saver Strip Door Curtain?

After you've built and installed your Cold Saver strip door curtain, you'll reap numerous operational benefits such as:

  • Excellent temperature regulation – Your cold storage curtains will reduce heat transfer and temperature changes, which helps preserve your perishable goods and temperature-sensitive items.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency – The physical barrier your cold storage plastic curtain creates between temperature zones reduces the power your refrigeration system needs, which lowers your energy costs.
  • Effortless traffic flow – You'll improve the convenience and productivity of your workforce when they can move and carry equipment easily through cold storage curtain doors whilst keeping the space cool.
  • Safer visibility – As your employees will have a clear line-of-sight through the transparent strip door Brisbane material, the reduced risk of collisions will prevent accidents and provide a safer workplace.
  • Pest and contamination control – A cold storage curtain with overlapping plastic PVC flaps creates a physical barrier to stop small animals, birds, insects, dust, dirt and other airborne contaminants from breaching your cold room or freezer space.
  • Longevity and durability – Your hard-wearing cold storage PVC curtain will resist cold temperatures and withstand the rigours of an industrial facility for a prolonged time.
  • Stress-free upkeep – The strip doors Brisbane' hook on hook-off' design enables easy cleaning of your cold storage plastic curtain when dirt and marks accumulate from everyday work traffic. Just use a damp cloth and wipe along the length of the strip.

Got a question about a Cold Saver strip door curtain? Feel free to contact us today.