Looking For a High-Quality PVC Freezer Curtain?

Available as a do-it-yourself kit or ready-made PVC freezer curtain, we manufacture our walk-in freezer strip curtains in Australia from premium components.

All Cold Saver freezer room curtains feature an easy-to mount, easy-to-clean stainless steel head rail with hook-on commercial freezer plastic strips that are food safe compliant and free of toxic chemicals. Plus, every Cold Saver PVC freezer curtain uses freezer-grade PVC that withstands subzero temperatures.

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Why Select Freezer Room Curtains from Cold Saver?

Above all else, we design our industrial freezer curtains to perform effectively in extremely low-temperature settings and withstand heavy mechanised traffic.

The PVC freezer curtain material is resistant to splitting, cracking and breakage from regular use, providing a robust solution for continued use. And when these commercial freezer plastic strips eventually need replacing due to damage or wear, our PVC freezer curtain system makes this easy.

Flexible freezer door curtains enable smooth access for people and equipment while providing a self-closing barrier to minimise temperature fluctuations. In short, freezer room curtains retain the cold air inside the space and limit the warm outside air from entering. By creating this seal, walk-in freezer strip curtains effectively increase your operation's energy efficiency by reducing your freezer system's energy consumption, thus saving you money.

Furthermore, we make our freezer room curtains using transparent PVC for the commercial freezer plastic strips. The see-through PVC freezer curtain provides clear visibility for workers to avoid collisions and minimise accidents, keeping your workplace safe.

In addition, freezer door curtains improve hygiene and cleanliness, particularly in food related operations, by limiting the entry of outside contaminants such as insects, dust, dirt, and other airborne particles. Your industrial freezer curtains also help to reduce noise pollution between the freezer room and nearby workspaces, providing a more pleasant work environment.

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