Need Cold Room Curtain Strips for Better Temperature Control?

At Cold Saver, our cold store curtains are made from premium components in Australia and shipped free nationwide.

You'll save on kits for cold store curtains – a great value do-it yourself option if you've got a little spare time to pop (rivet) the cold room curtain strips and plates together. As kits, these cooler plastic curtains are ready to dispatch as soon as we receive your order.

But, if you're short on handiwork time, our pre assembled cold room plastic flaps – ready to hang from the stainless-steel hook-on head rail – are also readily available.

Browse our handy selection of cold room PVC strip curtains, find the best fit for your space and place your order today.

Discover Cold Store Curtains That Uphold Freshness and Quality

If the door to your commercial cold room is frequently opened and you're struggling to keep the temperature down, installing a plastic curtain for cold storage across the entrance can help.

Cold store curtains create an effective walk-through barrier that minimises cold air escaping and warm air entering. Cold room plastic flaps help safeguard product quality and performance, for instance, if you're storing chilled fresh goods, foodstuffs or heat-sensitive biological materials.

Workers can easily move through your cooler plastic curtains when carrying items or pushing trollies. Plus, the improved energy efficiencies you'll experience from your cold room curtain strips will reduce your power bills and save you money.

Cold Saver manufactures cold room curtain strips from industry-compliant PVC, certified safe for food applications and free from harmful chemicals. Also, these cold room plastic flaps are graded for low-temperature use – so in heavy-duty settings, your plastic curtain for cold storage will retain its resilience and effectiveness. Shop for cooler plastic curtains now.