Want Plastic Strip Curtains for Warehouses?

The Cold Saver team offer a standard range of general-use plastic flap curtains and plastic strip curtains for warehouses that use our innovative easy mount stainless steel headrail system.

Available as a pre-assembled product, your walk-through plastic curtain is ready to hang. Or, you can save between 20 to 30% of the price when you purchase a Cold Saver strip door curtain kit.

The choice is yours. Discover your perfect plastic curtain for factory operations today. Shop now.

The Ultimate Walk-Through Plastic Curtain Is Here

If you're looking for well priced, high-quality, and hard-wearing industrial plastic flap curtains, check out our range of plastic strip curtains for warehouses and trade operations.

Our clear curtain strips and walk-through plastic curtain products are available in several thicknesses, strip widths and entrance dimensions, ensuring you'll find the right fit for your specific requirements.

While our general-use plastic flap curtains are not suited for cold room or freezer room doorways, you may need a plastic curtain for factory areas that serve a variety of purposes. For instance, a walk through plastic curtain could buffer an entranceway against the outside environment, i.e., wind, rain, hot air etc.

Or, these curtain plastic strips could function to physically separate internal workspaces where you may need to control noise or air movement while still allowing hands-free passage of foot or motorised traffic.

Built using clear curtain strips of smooth PVC to create a safe walk-through plastic curtain, these plastic strip curtains for warehouses will enable your employees to work with greater ease, care and productivity.

Plus, by installing our standard plastic flap curtains, you'll help to control ambient conditions, reduce temperature variations and minimise energy costs. In short, plastic strip curtains for warehouses ensure optimal working conditions and reduce operational expenses.