Upgrade Your Freezer or Cold Room with a PVC Strip Door Kit Today

At Cold Saver, we're conserving your cold air and saving you money with an easy-to-install PVC strip door kit. Your new PVC strip curtain kit will reduce energy bills and keep your cold room, freezer or chilled workspace reliably cool.

We design our PVC vinyl strip door kits for general, cold room and freezer curtain kit applications. Don't delay. Get kitted up today. Place your PVC strip door kit order now.

Save on Do-It-Yourself PVC Strip Curtain Kits

Discounted by around 20% and over 30% off for some sizes, a Cold Saver PVC strip door kit offers substantial savings when you assemble the strip curtain kit yourself. Plus, with free nationwide postage, a 30-day return policy and customer service email access, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal on a similar commercial industrial strip curtain door kit.

Featuring high-quality stainless steel head rails and plates, your PVC strip door kit will endure harsh industrial environments, be easy to clean and resist chemical detergents and corrosion. The heavy-duty PVC vinyl curtain material, cut to your selected strip lengths, is certified food safe and complies with the European Union's REACH chemical safety regulation.

So, grab a rivet gun, find a workbench and quickly pop your cold room or freezer curtain kit together. Our PVC strip curtain kits are straightforward to construct and easy to hang across your cool room doorway using the mounting screws provided. But, if DIY PVC strip door kits don't suit, you can save time with our pre-assembled, ready-to-mount strip door curtains.

How to Choose Your Cold Saver Strip Curtain Kit

You'll need to gather the following information to select the best PVC strip door kit for your space.

  • First, determine if you're buying a PVC strip curtain kit for a cold room or if you need a freezer curtain kit. Why? Because the composition and temperature grade of the kit's PVC strips differs depending on whether you have ambient, cooling or freezing temperatures.

  • Second, find the PVC strip door kit with the strip widths and thickness appropriate to the type of through traffic and environment. Wider strips cope better in windy settings. Thicker strips stand up to heavy industrial use (i.e., lifting/moving machinery) and provide a better temperature barrier.

  • Third, measure the height and width of your door area, considering where you'll attach the head rail of the assembled vinyl strip door kit. Your commercial, industrial strip curtain door kit will be most effective when mounted inside your cool space. With your door dimensions and critical information, browse our PVC strip curtain kit range and select the right product for your cooling application.

Sometimes we're asked, "How is vinyl different to PVC?"

Compared to standard 'vinyl' plastic, polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a unique subset of vinyl that makes PVC vinyl strip door kits more durable, long-lasting, and chemical-resistant. So, when you buy a PVC strip door kit or freezer curtain kit incorporating clear PVC strips, your PVC strip curtain kit will withstand rigorous industrial applications.


    Cold Saver exclusively uses EU Graded and REACH Certified PVC


    All strip curtains are manufactured using easy-mount, hook-on head rail system for fast installation


    High quality, durable, Australian made strip curtains.